Directing Collaborating With Great People With Make A Movie Essay

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My favorite part of directing… collaborating with great people to make a movie. I’ve had the ridiculous pleasure of working with some of the absolutely best people the film industry has to offer. I’ve directed (in no particular order), such supremely awesome actors like William H. Macy, Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Til Schweiger, Thomas Kretchsmann, Millia Jovovich, Danny Glover, Sean Astin, Adrianne Palicki, Wesley Snipes, Sam Jaeger, Michael Jai White and Clark Gregg. On CHAOS, my DP was Richard Greatrex who was nominated for an Oscar for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. My Composer was Trevor Jones who scored LAST OF THE MOHICANS, NOTTING HILL, MISSISSIPPI BURNING, etc.

It is a blast having all these amazingly talented people all working to help bring YOUR vision to life. It’s awesome & humbling.

The most challenging thing… is making the film. Because we don’t make films in a utopian world where you have everything you need. My biggest challenge has consistently been time & budget. Every director has something, but for me, I usually get hired to make films that the producers want to look like they spent $15M on, but only want to spend $1-4 million. For that kind of budget, you are only going to get, at most four weeks (twenty days), you don’t get re-shoot or additional photography days. Your stunt doubles aren’t available every day. You can’t have a crane or FX on certain days, etc. The hardest thing: Prep is so important to low budget films but THIS is the area…

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