Digital Marketing And Social Media Essay

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The purpose of literature review is discussing an effort to learn more about digital marketing and social media theories, and theories of the past. The review will analyze current research to define and discover the difference, to understand the relationship between digital marketing and social media, trying to understand how digital marketing work. This study will review the literature on the theory of digital marketing, relationship between digital marketing and online store.

Digital marketing
Chaffey, D; Ellis-Chadwick, F; Isaac, H; Volle, P; Mercanti-Guérin, M. (2014) suggest that the Digital marketing is to use of the Internet, digital media and computer communication technologies to Exchange digital media marketing. Digital marketing using advanced computer network technology as much as possible the most effective and most economical products find new markets and new customers. Digital marketing 's goal is to allow enterprises to market using the lowest cost and fastest speed, to meet customer demand. (Fulgoni, G. 2013) suggest the Digital marketing has many competitive advantages, product description, customer satisfaction, promotion, survey, advertising, public relations and marketing activities, including customer service, through face to face communication, real marketing results. These marketing campaigns are not affected by geographical and time limitations through the use of text, sound, video, network and audio, use dynamic or static methods,…

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