Dreamworld Marketing Strategy

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The purpose of this report is to analyse Dreamworld’s current Marketing Mix and to determine the most effective strategies that would best promote Dreamworld’s new ride.

Dreamworld offers a wide range of products and services to their customers. Most of the services Dreamworld provides are rollercoaster rides, animal safari tours, children storytelling, shows and patting, feeding or holding an animal. Dreamworld’s products include of food, beverages, photographs with animals and merchandise. Dreamworld’s services can be categorised as attractions/rides
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However, the marketing strategies that are the most effective are website marketing and social media marketing. These types of marketing strategies are highly targeted as currently there is a high prevalence on electronic devices. Due to the high popularity on electronic devices, these strategies help engage new audiences and increase Dreamworld’s brand recognition. Social media advertising also causes better search engine rankings as Google and other search engines determine their rankings through using social media presence as an important aspect. Moreover, social media and website marketing also provide easy opportunities to collect feedback from customers and gain new information about customer’s interests. Furthermore, the public can view numerous advertising videos and photos of Dreamworld which displays Dreamworld’s common theme. This will help induce many members of the public. The common theme expressed in Dreamworld’s advertisements is that Dreamworld is a place of happiness where many happy and memorable memories are …show more content…
When the ride opens, media releases could help announce the new Dreamworld ride to many members of the public so it will gain popularity and interest. Items of guerilla marketing (see appendix 1) could be situated in popular places where the target audience will view it. Guerilla marketing unconventionally ambushes and surprises the members of the public so it will entice the attention of the public as the average Australian is exposed to one thousand advertisements each (Kerin, Meyrick, Rod, Garrett, Rugimbana, Hartley & Rudelius, 2008). The best places to target the target audience would be social media, e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram or roadside billboards and magazines. Additionally, a theme that would benefit the campaign is to portray that Dreamworld is a fantastic bonding experience for friends and families and has a very enjoyable

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