Sports And Entertainment Marketing Case Study

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6,566,400 seconds I prepared for the exact moment I would walk through that door. I had done this twice before but I was still shaking with nerves because I never know what expect. “Mr. Cotton, I am Samantha Bar-” “It is Dr. Cotton.” At that point the slightest bit of confidence I had was gone and I was about to run right out the door after it. January 8th 2016 was the Regional DECA Conference at Monroe Community College. Not only was I an officer supporting my members at the conference, I was competing in a partner event. My partner Nate, and I spent weeks preparing for our role play in Sports and Entertainment Marketing.
Our role play time was 9:45 and we had arrived thirty minutes early to prepare. The mediator handed us the piece of paper
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Being the huge sports fans we are and being in Sports and Entertainment Marketing we were planning on the case study being about sports. To our surprise the problem had nothing to do with sports at all, but rather a television network trying to promote a show. We sat there on the cold tile, dumbfounded. We did not prepare a single second for a television problem. We did not know where to even begin to develop a marketing plan that will successfully promote the new television series to the appropriate markets. The thing running through my mind were how to promote the sales of Minnesota Vikings apparel, how to attract customers to a new baseball stadium, how to raise ticket sales for boxing, anything but the marketing plan that will successfully promote “All Together Now” to the appropriate …show more content…
Dr. Cotton fired question after question, barely letting us finish the answer to the previous one as he asked the next. My frustration was building and I could feel my blood boiling. We could not finish a single answer because it was not the one he wanted. Dr. Cotton would not even listen to Nate’s responses anymore. Finally, it hit me like a brick. He was not trying to be an asshole, we had not answered a question on the paper. I realized we had not addressed our secondary target market. I felt so stupid, it was one of our main questions to cover and was even in our notes. “Families are a main audience, but that is not the only audience we are targeting,” I finally blurted out. I could not hold it in any longer, I knew why he was bombarding us with questions. “That is all, thank you very much,” he reached out to shake my hand. I felt nothing, my heart stopped beating I interrupted Dr. Cotton and he ended the interview. The crying feeling came back, I was shaking again, I messed up our whole interview. The role-play was over and I reached for the door to leave holding back tears. “You hold up well under pressure, you know that?” the last question Dr. Cotton has asked

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