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Company:, is an outstanding online accommodation booking website providing several all-round fast booking services. It uses an interesting character called Captain Obvious as company spokesman since 2014. It also comes up with a simple but powerful slogan ”The obvious Choice”, which matches series of advertising campaigns. Through my research, I found out these four brand marketing examples to show its brand vision and values of
1) TV commercial ' Obvious Eye Contact '
The most important thing in every TV commercial is that showing the main function of the products as well as attracting the audients’ eyes. This TV commercial did really good job!
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Every short video reveals one of function and feature of to emphasis the concept of Obvious Choice. These videos are always set in a vocation scene, which means the customers who use can also enjoy their trip liking Captain Obvious. What’s more, The Captain Obvious says some straightforward and funny monologue to keep viewers’ attention and illustrate the benefits of People will expect what is the next story happened to Captain Obvious that they could keep tracking the or click the video playlist from YouTube. These efforts can increase brand visibility and …show more content…
The short paragraph in white words shows some famous word said by Captain Obvious from the TV commercials. That brand marketing not only reflects the TV commercials, but also makes the vivid brand image into people’s heart.
3) Social media
In this big data age, almost everyone has own social network, such as Facebook, twitter and Wechat. The also seize these business opportunity that they makes great efforts on promoting through this websites. For example, they launched a default silence Facebook news feed videos in June 2015, using the novelty way to increase the impact among the people. What’s more, on Twitter, there are two contests were hold to win the Captain Obvious costume with fans of knows exactly how to generate enough hype to increase public attention.
4) Search engine
When you type the key word ”hotel” in the Google, you will find out the first result is It also works on Baidu (the most popular Chinese searching engine). From this marketing effort, can win the competitive power by more clicking. It’s directly ways for company to win more customers, set up brands and improve chance for success.

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