Social Media Analysis

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Social media is a common word for young generation as well as for the work place. Social media is such a platform where friends and family members stay connected through internet. Mostly, people use social media as a way of communication medium. Social media has become popular because of its cheap rate and level of efficiency. People use these sorts of social media on a regular basis to maintain the contact with friends and family members who stay away from the family. Moreover, different companies and corporate also understand the importance of social media nowadays because of its effectiveness and number of users.
Here, there are different findings as we have considered two different perspectives. First one is impact
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WhatsApp, Viver, Tango, We chat; Line etc are the most famous social media which are mostly use through mobile phone. Among these I personally prefer WhtasApp because of its graphic design and features are really good. Basically I use this social media to communicate with my friends and to stay connected with the group mates of different courses. By this social media we discuss about our different project, assignment, term paper etc. These sorts of social media allow us to create a group on it and we can send message everyone of the group. Facebook facilitates these sorts of benefits much as we can chat in a group or we can share our files with others. No doubt social media saves our times a lot and makes us more efficient. I may not near at my work place but still I can share and submit my work to any person. There are more social media such as Twitter, Google Plus etc. We can also consider email as a way of social media and as an everyday activity, I check my mail regularly. Sending or receiving messages, sharing files etc email is the best option for me. We have different group for different courses to communicate with each other. Moreover, we discuss different things about that particular course through different social media which means social media also uses nowadays as tools of education. We get all the important news by the grace of social …show more content…
Many Facebook users maintain their profile like a CV because Facebook reflects people’s characteristics as it uses rapidly. Most of the companies and corporate have their own website and they provide internet but they often keep blocked Facebook and other social media in their organization rather they should understand the importance of social media. To meet organizational goal, social, media can play a vital role. Every organization should give emphasis how they can make social media as a part of their organization. In an article, Chuck Cohn says that, in a growing connected society, no matter what types of business run by a company social media can help to increase company’s visibility, profit and number of users- author of the article titled, “How to Properly Use Social Media to Fit Your Business Strategy” (Forbes, January, 2015). The whole world has gone ahead from advanced technological perspective. To consider that perspective, every organization should go with the flow. Each organization should have a Facebook page or Google group as if employees of the organization can be stay connected and updated about the information. Moreover, for recruitment process, social media can play an important role. There are different professional social media sites also from where organization can gather information about the candidates. Dropbox or

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