Essay about `` Difficult Conversations Written By Stone, Patton And Heen

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In everyday life we all go through some kind of disagreement or argument with our loves one, co-workers or even strangers. Whether it is about who is going to use the car today or how unfairly you were treated at work, we make an attempt to solve the problem or just avoid it. Most of us will either try to defuse the difficult conversation either by saying “I’m sorry” or by giving in and accepting fault. Others will try to blame the other person was at fault or just avoid the conversation in all. This of course will lead us to feel frustrated with the outcome of the conversation and feel some kind of anxiety afterwards. If the difficult conversations has been solve appropriately, where both parties understand the problem and come to an agreeable resolution than the results will benefit both parties. This will reduce future conflict and any other difficult conversation that should arise with less stress involved. The book, Difficult Conversations written by Stone, Patton and Heen takes us on a step-by-step approach to understanding and solving any difficult conversation. Like mentioned in the introduction, a difficult conversation can be about any topic. It can be about money, education, employment or even sex. If the conversation is difficult for you to talk about or if you feel a certain way towards the topic then you will experience the conversation to be difficult. Around this stage you will decide what you want to do, either confront it or avoid the conversation. From…

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