Analysis: Culminating Conversation

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Ch4: Culminating Conversation With the advancements in technology, many people see it as a way to expand knowledge, but some will see it as a distraction. In modern day, many of younger people are more dependant on technology, which enabled them to grow differently from the elderly people. This causes many people such as Mark Bauerlein to see the Millennials as the “dumbest generation,” due to how they “lack in general knowledge.” However, the Millennials are not the “dumbest” because of the difference in time and value, socializing, and their motivations to learn. Throughout the years, the younger generation does not face the same problems as the older because of the various situations, causing them to believe the Millennials to be the “dumbest”. With this in mind, the younger generations will have different values of interest which could be why they scored low in the “What Americans Know: 1989-2007” survey. As Sharon Begley stated,“Similarly, we suspect that the decline in the percentage of college freshman who say it's important to keep up with the political affairs… determined if you were going to be drafted and shipped to vietnam,”which contrasts how the older generation’s situation was different from the …show more content…
First, the difference in time and value allows the Millennials to become more knowledgeable because as the older generations were distracted by the politics, the younger generations were able to expand their knowledge on other materials. Next, the use of the internet enables more socializing for the younger generation because they connect to one another through text, making the write much more the the previous generations. Lastly, the Millennials are able to become more motivated in learning through online groups that will help enrich their knowledge. With that said, how could Millennials be the “dumbest

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