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Different Ways Of Learning
Have you ever experienced a lecture and never truly understood the concept of what they meant? Furthermore, to my beliefs students have better learning abilities when they visually see it or when they’re hands on. I believe this because many teachers gives you long lectures every day, although the information never does quite sync into the students minds. Teachers apply knowledge by stating facts in lists and expect students to pick up on it quickly. For example, a student could try to study and memorize facts for a quiz or a test, but forget when under pressure. If a teacher took the time to plan an experimental, visual, fun lesson or assignment then it wouldn 't be hard for a student to remember information because you gave them a fun learning experience that they’ll never forget.
Students tend to have a bad habit of memorizing lessons and not really knowing the knowledge given, therefore they cannot truly apply it. For instance, if you asked a kindergartener, what is two plus two? They’ll easily say that the answer is four. That was the easy part, which is memorable. Then you ask them, if you bought two apples and your friend gave you two more apples, how many apples do you have in all? It will take them way longer to figure out that the answer is four. That was the difficult part, which is to apply your knowledge to a real life situation. Most teachers don’t really teach you this part. According to Freire, “education thus becomes an act of…

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