Essay on Different Types Of Parenting Styles

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Different types of parenting styles play a serious role in the social aspects and development in a child’s life. Parenting styles differ from region to region, for example, parenting styles in the East seem to be more iron-fisted rather than in the West where discipline is more carefree and informal. Parents in the East tend to push academic perfection and overall excellency of the child, whereas Western or American parents, tend to push the child, but not in such an extreme way; Western parents tend to want their child to enjoy life rather than spending all his or her life studying. Some parents might even be using a parenting style called “Helicopter parenting.” While these types of parenting might be beneficial to each the Eastern child and the Western child, a mixture of all three can mold one’s child into a well-rounded human being.
In Eastern-style parenting, the excellence of the child is the primary objectives for many parents in the East. Amy Chua is the Author of “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” she herself is a Chinese mother. Amy Chua’s two daughters were never allowed to do many things such as attend sleepovers, play a role in the school play, get any grade less than an A, or even go on playdates. For many Chinese parents, academic excellence is a must for their children; in many ways, this yearning for academic excellence stems from the fear that their child not doing well will reflect back on them as a parent. Academics is a huge to Chinese parents.…

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