Adapted From Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother Analysis

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Why is Chinese parenting more efficient than Western parenting? Chinese parenting is more efficient because they give a lot pressures on their children for preparing their kids’ future. In China, there are always many intelligent Chinese kids who are good at almost everything. Why is that happened? Generally, Chinese parent requires their children to try their best of doing everything whether they like it or not. That is the reason why a lot of Chinese kids are good at everything. In this essay, Amy Chua’s parenting represents Chinese parenting. The evidences are referring to Amy Chua’s book, Adapted From Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother, and Ideological Contestation over Parenting Styles: Dr. Spock vs. Amy Chua by Xing Lu. This essay is going to discuss about why Western parents need to use Amy Chua’s parenting style incorporating: Chua’s parenting style …show more content…
Truthfully, it is extremely boring to do one thing over and over again so that many children cannot do it. Here is a difference between how Western parents and Amy Chua confront this problem. In fact, most of the Western parents are not requiring their children to do a thing that they do not like. Oppositely, Amy Chua put a lot of pressures on her daughter and forced her to practice piano. According to Chua’s book, “I threatened her with no lunch, no Christmas or Hanukkah presents, no birthday parties of several years”(308). Her words sound very horrible; however, it is effective. Finally, her daughter did it very well on a school performance and loved to play it. From this example of Amy Chua, people could see a problem that harsh language and behavior will affect the relationship between parents and kids. When the kids grow up, they will understand that their parents are training them and tell them life is not always easy. In short, Amy Chua’s parenting acts very well for improving children's

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