Different Styles Of Effective Listening Essay

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“Effective listening is listening that is tailored to the specific communication situation” (DeVito 2013). According to Essentials of Human Communication, effective listening is also known as situational listening. Depending on the situation that you are in, you may alter your listening skills to listen more effectively. Do you know how well you listen? This question will be illustrated in further detail throughout the course of this paper, as well as the different styles of effective listening, and ways to improve listening effectiveness. On page 57 of Essentials of Human Communication, I took the assessment titled “How Do You Listen” (DeVito 2013). By doing so, I was able to recognize both my proficient listening skills as well as those that need improvement. For number one, which illustrated active listening and accepting and prompting the speaker, I listed sometimes as my answer. Although I do listen actively and let the speaker know that I accept him, I only sometimes ask the speaker about what he is saying. Number two described listening to not only what the speaker is saying but also what he is feeling. I frequently do this by demonstrating feeling empathy, or “feeling what the other person is feeling” (DeVito 2013). For number three, listening without judgment was demonstrated, and I documented sometimes for my answer. I try not to judge others while they are speaking, but if the person has different views than me, it is difficult not to judge them. Number four…

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