Different Learning Styles Used By Students Essay

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Growing up, I have always been one of those students who could not learn new materials unless I could find reasoning behind it. For example, in Algebra, students are required to learn about imaginary numbers but my brain would not accept the material. It wasn’t even so much of me being ignorant but more of my brain just not being able to comprehend something that there is no reason for. This problem caused me to continue to fail the course over and over. But the moment I was in a Statistics course, I passed my first test with a hundred percent. Even though the course was harder, since I was able to find a purpose behind the methods and problems given, I could completely comprehend everything that was thrown my way regardless of how tough the material was. Because of this, I believe as a teacher, I would try my best to work with each student’s individual learning strategies not just base my teaching solely on one way of teaching. There are different learning styles used by students such as Metaphysics, Epistemology, Axiology and Logic. Metaphysics comes from the understanding of reality and what is real. A lot of the teaching of Metaphysics comes from scientific observations, that in order to believe something, it must first be observed in order to be understood. Whereas, Epistemology finds a reason for an object to be true. I took that as instead of just observing something to be true, Epistemology deals with the logic of truth. For example, in Metaphysics one might mix…

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