Explain What You Understand About Epistemology

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(1. Overview: In your own words, explain what you understand about epistemology. If someone asked you what you studied in this chapter, what could you tell that person? What is still confusing to you? Do you see a distinction between epistemology and metaphysics?) Epistemology is the macrocosm of understanding. It is not simply trying to come to conclusions and make predictable guesses, it is the source of it. It is the “why” to asking questions about the world and about the self, more important. Some forms of ‘understanding’ can feel vague and impersonal, such as the hard sciences. There is very little to relate to when trying to fathom physics and biology, no human aspect of it that we can appreciate. That is where epistemology comes in …show more content…
When in reality it means quite the opposite, that each person’s individual wants or needs for validation are as real as any others but that there is only different takes upon it. Making it real to that individual but not ‘real’ objectively.
(4. Reflection: Is there anything you read or learned this week that has made you rethink your ideas or views on an issue? Did you have conversations about the material with friends or family members?) I’ve gradually started to cease mentioning the material discussed in class with certain family members – due to it getting slightly uncomfortable when bringing up different philosophical stances. In an amusing turn, my own beliefs are very much subjectivist which irritates those who consider themselves to be ‘right’ on a different level than I consider them ‘right’. To me, their opinions are valid because they are a product of their own personal wants making those beliefs real to them. To them, their opinions are valid because that is what is true and feeling as though others need to be convinced of their flavor of truth. Additionally, a majority of my family consider it uninteresting and don’t wish to spend time discussing

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