College Vs High School Research

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Many people think that college is simply one step above high school, there are several difference between the two, and people should always be prepared for what’s ahead. However, I think there are main differences and then there are differences that aren’t very distinct. These differences include my schedule, my professors and my homework. One of those differences I would like to talk about is my schedule. In my high school, most of my classes are arranged for me, and there are six classes every day. Therefore, I woke up at six o’clock every morning in order to catch my school bus to school. The first period is beginning at 7:20, and after that, there are three more classes before lunch time. After lunch time, I have to go to fourth period …show more content…
In my high school, the number of times that teachers’ absences obviously more than college professors. When my teachers missed a class, they will send a substitute or a school security to class probably in order to manage us. Also, most of my teacher in high school do not really care about whether students study hard, and most of them are willing to give easy time to us. Even some of my teachers do not teach anything in class, instead, they usually give some classwork to us or just play a movie in class. For example, my teacher who teach American History is kind of lazy person. We do classwork, do test, watch movies in his class, but he never teach us anything by himself, and every questions in test is what we do in the classwork. Furthermore, the class rules are not too strict in high school because sometimes teachers allow us to use cellphone in their class even if the school rules are absolutely not allowed. Everything changed when I got into college. Sometimes if professor is going to miss a class, they may send a E-mail to us in order to inform us do not come to class tomorrow. And most college professors are really know how to teach students because they teach lots of knowledge in class and also give some classwork and homework which related to what they teach. However, the class rules are strict in college and most of my professors required us to follow the rules. For example, my math professor

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