Essay about Different Cultures, Beliefs, And Diversity

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The world is a forever changing climate of people. This requires companies to change with the times. The introduction of different cultures, beliefs, and diverse backgrounds requires a new approach for managing a larger arrange of people. People no longer work in a time of intolerance. Diversity is about the many differences that make us individuals and also the similarities that bring us together. Companies should diversify the organizations because it is shown that diversification will increase profits, build a more cohesive work environment, and show appreciation for foreign culture. What is diversity? Diversity is not as tolerant as you would assume. It has taken many generations of hard working Americans to bust through the glass ceiling that was laid in front of them. This was only done with hard work and perseverance. Diversity is not meant to pit white males against the other work classes. Instead, it is an interpersonal reflection of ourselves and working with one another. It may be described as an understanding or an acceptance of the differences among people. The most basic levels of this are race, internal dimensions age, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and ethnicity. It may be easy to see why this would be a complicated subject for new managers and among seasoned executives. All these things form what is called your personality.
Being able to manage all the different personalities within your work force will only lead to further success and…

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