Importance Of Background Checks In Accident And Emergency Handling

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Vigilance and Visibility
Security personnel should be visible and available at their duty post, or they will not be able to deter criminals. Once Criminals find such a security loophole, they take advantage of it. A professional security guard never fails to be vigilant, or he will not sense if some danger is lurking around. An alert guard would be able to identify unusual sounds or occurrences. He can detect when someone is secretly trying to open a door, or cleverly trying to distract him by diverting his attention.

Facility Monitoring and Planning
A security guard should be knowledgable in planning and monitoring the security requirements for a facility. When setting up a new building office or office, risk assessments are done to identify specific conditions such as video surveillance,
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Depending on the hiring company's business needs or nature of the job, these background checks can be extensive or limited. These checks often include searching for criminal records or reviewing social media posts. Applicants' rights to privacy, however, must be recognized and respected.

Accident and Emergency Handling
A guard should have the set of skills, knowledge and probably experience to handle an emergency competently, as well as be equipped on how to prevent accidents from occurring within and around his workstation. This could entail securing an area, by switching off electrical appliances that might have been left on by other employees, and the likes. A security guard must be knowledgeable in the best way to respond to emergencies or various dangerous situations. Doing so quickly, correctly, and taking control of the situation as they are usually the first responders at the scene before the law enforcement. A security guard should at all times remain focused on the protection, prevention, and handling of emergencies while on duty,

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