LBCC Security Budget Analysis

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LBCC security budget is $169,400, for expenses other than wages for the employees. This amount is called the community services budget. This has to cover the insurance and other expenses. To have security guards trained and have the right equipment is will cost money that LBCC security does not have. However, LBCC makes a profit of $31,5595,769. Glock pistols,the average policeman carries, will cost an average of $540 a gun. Bulletproof vests would be about $800 per person. The safe to safely store these firearms would cost about $2,000. Lastly, cover the $250 class, yearly per person. Overall, this would cost about $13,000.

Benefits of having campuses with Armed Security
There are several college campuses in the U.S. that have put more
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It was expressed in an article written by Giovanni on the Experts Security Tips that in order to disarm an armed individual, you will need another armed individual to successfully achieve that. Armed security guards will help disarm anyone that becomes a threat on campus. Not only will armed security help reduce the number of crimes, but it will also reduce the number of bullying and fighting. During night hours, it can be dangerous for people to walk around campus alone. They can be attacked or witness a fight and not know how to stop it. During such incidents, security will be available to handle a situation like this. Armed security guards will be more likely to observe student and people walking around and take note on those who seem off and are more depressed and aggressive. They will be able to report any case of depressed students or strangers to school authorities to figure out necessary action. Most cases of shootings, involve a person that was mentally unstable, depressed, and who resorted to shooting in order to release their

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