Comparing Grab Car And Uber

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People have many choices for their transportation every day. For examples, bus, taxi, LRT, Grab car and Uber. Grab cars and Uber might be the first choice for people in the future. It is because the increasing of people who using Grab Car and Uber. These types of transportation have many reasons that make people be more prefer to these cars. There are several causes for the rise in people using Grab Cars and Uber which are high quality service, fair pricing system and easy to use and understand. First and foremost, Grab car and Uber have high quality service compare with others public transportation. Driver of Grab car and Uber they are not going to use common. They are using their car ownership during operating time. For example, taxi`s …show more content…
Normally, standard taxi services charge customers by the mile. Grab car and Uber works in a similar way, and will charge customers for every mile, as long as customers are going at least 11 miles per hour. That may sound odd, but they have a combined pricing system. Based on research, if riders are going less than 11 miles per hour, then riders get charged for every minute that riders are on the road. That means that the driver that is driving riders across the city is getting paid fairly for what they do, and Grab car and Uber is still able to provide the services that they offer to riders as well. It is a win win situation for everyone. Besides that, we also can find coupons and deals with Grab car and Uber as well. Grab car and Uber always share this type of promotion on some social media websites. Keep our eyes open for offers, keep an eye on our app to see what there is available for us to check out. Things is always changing, so the new information will be easy for us to find and access. It will guide us to get more cheaper prices for our fare. Therefore, these are the causes for the increase in people using Grab car and Uber which are high quality service, easy to use and understand and fair pricing system. There also have many others causes that I have not state in this essay, Grab car and Uber are more modern in Malaysia nowadays, it also helps many unemployed people to have their job by driving their own car to carry customers and this job`s timetable also flexible that bring more benefits to people. Lastly, I hope that it can reduce the problem of unemployed in

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