Uber Company: Stakeholder Analysis

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3. Analyzing
3.1 Stakeholder Analysis
Identify Stakeholder
The stakeholders are important to company business decisions and performs. As Uber Company, the internet stakeholders are owners (co-founder Travis Kalanick and Garrett), the managers, IT support staffs and employees of Uber Company, and the external stakeholders include government, user/customer and competitors.

Internet stakeholders:
Owners (Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick; co-founder, Garrett):
Uber CEO and cofounder, world’s newest tech billionaire, Travis Kalanick. He start up the cab call service application idea and talk with some other entrepreneurs. Kalanick provided a general direction to open the overseas market and make a decision. (“Travis Kalanick”, 2015) On the other hand, the co-founder Garrett Camp has a smaller role and play as public profile. Both of them have already gain billions of dollars from Uber business (“Garrett Camp”, 2015).

The management level of Uber Company:
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What is next step (action, strategy) to solve the problem?
Uber sell services instead of goods, it grows too fast, and its strategy might not sustainable to support such big Uber company. (Marcus. W, 2014) In order to solve so many issues and recover from bad effect, Uber must implement new strategy apply to different specific market and re-build its public image. For the company to succeed in the long term, it need to obey the local laws and satisfies employees (Uber’s case need to consider the privacy driver also).

First, Uber can hire a team to fix the ‘hole’ in the security, the security guard system of Uber database accessed need to improve. What’s more, the driver trip history must treat it carefully and seriously, protect it from the third hand access. In fact, the self-driving car business is quite relies on guide map software such as GoogleMap (Mike. I, 2015). Uber can communicate with Google, store the trip history in Google’s database or hire the Google IT team to work in fixing the security

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