Difference Between Community College And Junior College

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You Have the Right to Chose “Look for your choices, pick the best one, then go with it.” Pat Riley. One decision people are faced with is where to go for their continuing education. There are several things a prospective students need to examine before deciding between a community college and a four year University. In some instances going straight to a University is the best option, however for other situations a junior college is the better option. It boils down to what a person’s overall career goal is. There are some similarities and several differences between a junior college and a four year university. Every student has to weigh the pros and cons of their own unique situation in order to determine which option is the best. The main similarity between community college and a university is the fact that both offer a quality education. Junior colleges and universities both offer highly qualified instructors to prepare students for whatever career path they have chosen. In order to be competitive in today’s workforce students need to be able to have a …show more content…
Many people that attend Junior colleges have jobs and attend school on their time off. Students have the freedom to pursue a college degree around their schedule. Students that have to work a strict schedule need that flexibility in order to achieve their educational goals. In contrast, a University does not offer as much flexibility. Students can attend college part time and work slowly toward a degree at a community college, whereas Universities do not offer that flexibility. Students that are not sure what they want to really do in life can take the time at a community college to figure out what they want. A university is more focused from the beginning on mapping out what you are going to get a degree in and putting students on that

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