Essay Diabetes Self Management Education ( Dsme )

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The literature reviewed showed that diabetes self-management education (DSME) is an ongoing process used to facilitate and empower individuals to learn about diabetes and its complications. Hwee, Cauch-Dudek, Victor, Ng, & Shah (2014) define DSME as a critical element of care for people with diabetes to learn to manage their conditions in order to improve the outcomes. Multidisciplinary healthcare professionals that equip the patients with self-management skills, provide education and information, teach patients problem –solving skills and encourage healthy behavior change conduct the DSME. The purpose of the DSME is to guide the patients in developing coping skills in managing their disease process. In a similar way, Sanchez (2011) states that the goal of DSME is to improve clinical outcomes, health status, and quality of life. In 2014 Hwee and colleagues, lead a research study, which revealed the positive effect of group DMSE on a variety of short –term outcomes such as better A1c and lipid levels; reduce emergency visits for hypo/hyperglycemia and hospitalizations, and foot complications. The DSME groups setting presents the advantage of peer support, financial benefits-saving money, and convenience (Cohen et al 2012).
Some studies used the “stages of change theory” as the theoretical foundation for participation in-group visits. Diabetes self-management programs grounded in health behavior change theories have been shown to be more likely to change behavior…

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