Six Aims Of Quality Improvement In Diabetes Management

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Quality Improvement in Diabetes Management
In a 2001 publication, titled “Across the Chasm: Six Aims for Changing Healthcare,” the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reveals disparities in healthcare delivery in the United States healthcare system, and illuminated the gap between high quality healthcare and the actual care American’s receive. Additionally, the IOM suggested six indicators for improving healthcare, which are the six aims of quality improvement in healthcare delivery: Safe, Effective, Patient-centered, Timely, Efficient, and Equitable (IOM, 2001). Quality improvement is the process of examining current standards and practices, methodically evaluating current evidenced-based best practices, implementing new evidenced
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Continuous glucose monitoring using glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C), 2. Statin therapy, 3. Annual urine albumin screening, 4. Annual eye exam (NQMC, 2015). These four clinical quality measures are among nine process measures recognized by (NQMC), and currently used as evaluation criteria to assess the quality of care provided to the diabetic population by primary care …show more content…
The fourth process measure – annual eye exam, only had documented results for an annual eye exam in forty percent of the charts reviewed. By extrapolating the data in this review, it can be concluded that the internal medicine clinic providers are delivering suboptimal care to their diabetic patient population by not following current diabetic management guidelines, and failing to fully meet clinical quality measures supported by the

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