Development Of A Computer Training Centre Essays

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Introduction (Balram Singh)
The contemporary world is based on several dynamics among them technology which has become imperative in development. Learning institutions and organizations have been prompted to adopt technology which aids in increasing operation efficiency. One of the greatest technological advancements that have become obligatory currently is the use of computers. In every aspect of current life, computers are applicable in an array of solicitations, from management and production to communication and education. However, there is still a major challenge in using these devices in most parts of Australia, especially among the indigenous people (Stoecki et al., 2013). Notably, aboriginal communities are also faced with the challenge of underdevelopment thus computer knowledge is lacking. Particularly, children from these societies are also not exposed to technology and development which is another predicament which challenges their computer knowledge. With computers being a core necessity in people’s lives it is, therefore, important to set up a computer training centre for all generations from children to elders. This proposal is therefore, aimed at obtaining funds for running and maintaining this project.
Project Stakeholders Management (Balram Singh)
The computer training centre targets people across all generation who have insufficient knowledge of computers. To the children, it will be an initial step to introduce them to the world of technology since they…

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