Developing A Vision Statement For A Middle School Essay

1121 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Our group met online in a virtual classroom by Adobe Breeze. Our first step was to identify the demographics of our school. Then, we developed a plan for the school on how to develop a vision statement. Next, we developed a vison statement for our school. Last we discussed ways that we could improve the process that we used and the process a school should go through to develop a vision statement. Overall it was a very smooth process. As a group we decided that we would develop a vision statement for a middle school. Our middle school is a rural school that is an average performing school. We have 400 students with 35 teachers. In each grade level there are six to seven teachers and fourteen elective teachers. Most of our students come from middle class homes and we have a low diversity in students. We agreed on this school because it meet in the middle for the group as some of us taught in the high school and some in the elementary level. As the principal of this school, this is the process we agreed would work to develop a vision statement that would allow all stakeholders to have input. In a faculty meeting, we would discuss the importance of vision statements and tell the staff that we were going to develop a new vison statement. The first step would be to break teachers into departments to brainstorm ideas. Each group would be based on grade level and department for our elective teachers. Groups would then report back to the “leading committee”. The leading…

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