Essay on Determinants Of Performance That Have Been Highlighted

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In the scenario provided, there are three determinants of performance that have been highlighted. These determinants usually expound on how an employee performance and how they behave while undertaking their daily routines. In this case, both Brian and Maria are sales people but it is clear they handle their customers differently, but they bring the same revenue to the organization. Performance is always determined by a combination of the three major factors, and the three determinants of the performance must always be present for one to reach a satisfactory level of performance. The below is a description of determinants of performance and the examples as per the scenario that has been provided.
Declarative knowledge; this is the information about the main facts and also the things that include the information regarding a task that has been given and its requirements, the labels, principles and the goals. It can also be said to be the factual knowledge and the information that a person knows regarding something. In this case, Brian has a declarative knowledge. Even though he engages less with the customers who come to shop, once he notices that they have shown interest in a particular product, he walks to them and offers to help and provides answers to all the questions that they may have. Brian knows every detail of all the products that they have in the store. He is very concise when it comes to communication and at times, all the salespeople always depend on…

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