Designing Information Systems Of The Research Essay

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This chapter concludes the thesis with a summarization of the work, contributions of the research, and outlines potential research directions. This chapter is further structured as follows: Section 8.1 gives a brief summary of the dissertation, Section 8.2 elaborates on the most important research contributions of this thesis. Section 8.3 presents open research questions and areas for future work.
8.1 Summary of the dissertation
Broadly stating, the goal of the thesis was to create an architectural framework for enabling security and context-awareness by applying software engineering principles to these two areas in Information Systems. It is towards this goal that the present research work is carried out and this thesis is presented. We now summarize the work carried out in our endeavor to fulfill the goal.
Recapitulating from Chapter 1, we began the introduction of the thesis with the premise that designing Information systems of the future which are robust, reliable, adaptable and secure should be based on standard practices, guidelines, software engineering principles and expert knowledge. Based on this, we identified the research problem and stated the main research objectives. The research methodology adopted for the present work was elucidated, followed by the dissertation outline.
In the next chapter, we provided a brief write-up of background concepts relevant to the research. The fundamental concepts and principles behind software architectures, specifically…

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