Designing A New Strategy Product Development Essay

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Under Armour is experiencing Rapid Market Growth with Strong Competitive Advantage and that places the company in an excellent strategic position. Innovation won’t be a problem for Under Armour, it just need to maintain its innovative competence in Performance Apparel 's sales in Domestic Region by risking aggressively when necessary. To keep its position, Under Armour will have to concentrate on its current markets with products that generate most of its revenues. It will need to set a new strategy Product development that will call for focusing products that could be potential revenue generators (e.g. Basketball shoe wear). The main thing, the company have to improve is its international expansion.
Before setting Solutions and Recommendations, it is necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis to determine its Strengths, Opportunities, Opportunities, and Threats.
As Strengths, Under Armour has some advantages such as: Good Leadership, SAP system, Brand Loyalty, Brand Equity, Core Competence in Innovation, High Quality Apparel, Increase in Sales every Year, Wide Range of Apparel, Athletes and Team Sponsorships, Intelligent and Efficient R&D Team.
As Weaknesses, the company has Small Total Sales and Net Income compared to its rivals and is heavily dependent on domestic market, it also set high prices, Not a Synthetic Marketing Campaign, Heavily Dependent on PA for Sales (80%+), Target Male Market more than Female Market, 27% of Sales come from two Distributors; Dick’s and The…

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