Descriptive Essay: The Game At Arrowhead Stadium

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We had gone to NFL games before, but we had never been to a game at Arrowhead stadium. When the overtime field goal went through the uprights for the win it was one of the loudest things I had ever heard. None of us knew that we were going to the game at first. Our parents told that we were going to go see my little brother’s doctor. Riley was cancer free for some time by then, and a lot of that reason was because of the person we were planning to see. She was in Kansas City at the time, and all of my immediate family went with us. It was my parents, Ben and Karie, and my brothers, David and Riley, and one sister, Madelyn. We all packed into our suburban and hit the road. We thought that we had gone just to go see his doctor, but my parents …show more content…
It was the last day in October, so you think it would be cold. It was over seventy degrees at the start of the game and did not get much lower than that throughout the night. The weather was perfect for a Monday night football game. It was a good game throughout, as it was expected to be. It was so loud the entire game but the loudest and most exciting part was at the end. The Chargers had the ball on the Chiefs side of the field. They were on about the twenty yard line and could have easily kicked in a field goal to win the game. At the time it was tied, and there was less than a minute to go in the game. The Chargers could have kicked the field goal, taken the lead, and just kicked off and waited out the last seconds of the game. They decided to try and run some more time off of the clock and run another play. On the snap their quarterback, Phillip Rivers, fumbled the snap. The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker recovered it. When he ran out of the pile with the ball it was the loudest thing I had ever heard. They time ran out in regulation and overtime began. San Diego won the toss, so they chose to get the ball first. They Chiefs defense stopped them. The offense came out and drove down the field, kicking the field goal and winning the

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