Descriptive Essay : The Airport

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The Airport
There is this magnificent sight of the early sunrise beaming over the horizon. Quietly I walk through the sliding glass doors of Denver International Airport, reminiscing my past trip home. All of the wonderful faces strolling to their respective gates, thus creating a light breeze with every passing body. The warm sun shining through the glass windows as if to brighten the lives of those within the glass panes. Now, sitting at my gate awaiting my plane, I close my eyes and listen closely to the world around me. Birds chirping up above, the chuckling of amused children, and the faint harmony of men and women conversing in the terminals. I open my eyes to now see what my mind was conjuring up from the tranquility of sounds. Feeling very relaxed, I take in a deep, bottomless breath, letting in all of the spirt around me. In that gulp of air, the scent of fresh food being made from the bakery near the gate warms my soul like moms famous homemade cooking on thanksgiving. The serenity that surrounds me in this place, keeps me from thinking about my responsibilities back home. This different world consumes me, and keeps me, for just a moment, from my worries outside those glamorous sliding glass doors.
My tired eyes are burned by the sight of that early morning sun cutting over the horizon. Tacitly, I walk through the obnoxious, sometimes delayed, sliding glass doors of Denver International Airport, neglecting my past trip home. All the tired and unhappy faces…

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