Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I first met my girlfriend last summer, and together we had a lot of fun memories to make and many days filled with laughter.

This one day, we went to the OC Fair, and the entire time I told her that I hate rides and I am afraid and I promised her I would not go on every ride. However, she just waved me off in that way she always does when she knows she 'll convince me to do something eventually. There was no way I thought I 'd go on even one ride. I 'm not that brave.

"Kenzie," I grabbed her hand to slow her down. The fair was loud and packed with people, and there were lights at every little place. The way she was moving I thought I 'd lose her.

"Yeah?" Kenzie looked back at me, and I drowned in her slate blue eyes.

"I really don 't wanna go on all these rides," I whined.

"Yeah, yeah we 'll see," Kenzie joked and started walking again.

She was wearing a pink and white plaid flannel, and jean shorts, and these stance socks with a cool flower design. Her pink converse really topped off her whole pinked out style. Kenzie isn 't a "girly girl" by any means, but she sure does love the color pink. And she looked good in it.

We continued through our day, going on every single ride and I realized I have never laughed as much as I did that day.

"Hey," I stopped her after we finished a ride. "Let 's get something to drink. It 's really hot outside."

The sun was beating down on us like a cloud of fire was falling to the earth. So, we walked over to the nearest kiosk and…

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