Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

2048 Words Dec 18th, 2015 9 Pages
As soon as I ran into my room, I could sense that something was out of place. I thought it was that I left my homework at school or that I did not feed my pet fish Arnold, but whenever I thought of Arnold I thought of my other pet dog Rocky. The last time I saw him was before I left for school, now he was gone. My bright blue colored room was so empty without Rocky. Where could he have been? I checked the kitchen, the backyard and my parents room. Rocky was a big brown dog with big ears and a long tail, how could it be so hard to find him .This happened so often that it did not bother me. While I waited for him to return I did my homework and ate my delicious mac and cheese dinner, which made me feel a lot better. But by then Rocky was not home. So I went to the park to look for him, even if it was dark and was at least 7 o 'clock. I was only dark because winter was coming and the days were getting shorter. The neighborhood park was only two minutes away from my house, so it did not take me that long to walk there. It was also fall so it was nice to be outside in the fall breeze. When I got there it was pitch black, so I put the flashlight on my phone so I could look for Rocky. The light from my phone scared me a bit because it was creepy how the leaves crackled each time wind passed the tree. I kept on turning around after the leaves, making there crunching noise thinking that it was Rocky 's bark. The park was pretty big so it took me about half an hour to find him. I…

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