Descriptive Essay On My First Shot

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Crack! As if a gun had fired, the golf club struck the ball. It sailed into the air and landed in the fairway. My first shot was magnificent and I had no doubt the rest of the day would be as I expected. It was the regionals golf tournament to see which players would make it to state. I had all the confidence in the world that I would make it for my second year in a row and be in contention for state champion. Years of practice had led to this season, and it would be my last year to compete in high school golf. Every day after school for months I had been hitting hundreds of balls on the driving range and sinking an innumerable amount of balls on the practice green. I was at the top of my game, and I knew it. I was in a group of four golfers that played the course together that day. All of them were just …show more content…
I will not let that happen, I say to myself as I approach my next shot. It was one hundred and forty-five yards to the hole, and once again the training payed off and I hit the ball on the green. It seemed as if every swing of the club became more tiring and requiring more focus. The only thing keeping everything together was the muscle memory I had gained from hours upon hours of practice. Hole thirteen was next. It required a solid drive off the tee to avoid the water and the woods. I step on the tee box and gaze at the layout ahead of me. I decide where I need to aim and approach the ball. Time seemed to stop as I watched that little white ball gleaming over the water not ten feet above the surface. It hits the land a mere couple of feet past the water and all the sounds of the world come back. The rest of my group tees off and as I’m walking to my ball, my coach comes up and says, “that was too close to comfort” with a little smirk on his face. “Yeah it was, why’d you let me do that?” I replied as he drove off in his golf

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