Descriptive Essay On Dota

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Roughly a little over a year and a half ago, I was becoming bored of the habitual and mundane games I was playing, and decided to look to play others. One particular game grabbed my attention from the start, Dota 2. With nearly ten million players and a dedicated fan base, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked immediately. This game would begin to play a large role in my life, as I dedicated much of my time to becoming better. I have won hundreds of dollars from tournaments, yet this is only a fraction to what professional players win. Top players from top teams become millionaires, as prize pools have only been increasing. The International 5, the game’s largest tournament, was just held this past summer, and broke numerous records with …show more content…
Na’vi vs the Alliance in the International Three Grand Finals is nearly every Dota enthusiasts’ favorite game. The setting of the game, the stakes on the line, everything about this game was magical. The game was exciting from the start. During the laning phase, Na’vi carry player Xboct managed to get three kills from what seemed to be an obvious death for nil. But late in the game, when Na’vi was pushing down the middle lane for barracks, Alliance’s offlaner AdmiralBulldog was split-pushing top racks and the combo of their carry Loda’s Chaos Knight and support EGM’s Wisp was split-pushing bot. Na’vi attempted to TP back, yet Alliance’s mid player and MVP of the game, S4, canceled three of them with his three-man dream coil. After losing two lanes of racks, Na’vi later went for a Roshan attempt, and then push down middle lane and go straight for the win. Yet Alliance knew their intentions, and already began their own split push, and went for the win. In the midst of Na’vi’s attempt at teleporting back to stop their push, S4 accomplished what is now known as the million dollar dream coil. He landed his ultimate ability on two players, and hexed another, canceling three teleports in total. This would lead to an Alliance victory, surprising almost all spectators. The magic of not only this game, but as a series and a whole is why this game is my favorite Dota 2 match of all time.

In conclusion, I have many different personalities and aspects of myself as a person, and being a nerd is one of my characteristics. Dota 2 plays a big role in my nerdy side, and I enjoy playing and watching it. This list contained my personal favorite games(sorry if you didn’t understand a lot of the terminology), and displays who I am as a

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