Descriptive Essay : ' Like A Kid At A Candy Store '

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Clichés are phrases and words which have been used so frequently that they’re powerful or no longer really interesting. They may have started out as a colorful, imaginative phrase, enjoy as sick as a parrot, but they’ve been picked up and used indiscriminately and broadly that they’ve lost their impact and become cold.
Clichés are part of our regular language – we regularly don’t understand that we’re using them. Additionally, they appear particularly often in specific kinds of writing (including journalism) or areas of action (like sport, business, or politics). ("Avoiding clichés | OxfordWords blog", 2016)
One clichés that I have used is “Like a kid in a candy store”. I was talking to a friend about how happy he looked when he got his new book and his happiness was like a kid in a candy store. He eventually got offended by my remarks thinking I took him like a silly kid which I actually wanted to describe his happiness over a simple thing is childlike happiness. ("be like a kid in a candy store", 2016)
Jargon is a job-specific language used by individuals in a specified profession. Jargon doesn 't automatically mean formal instruction, but instead targets the language individuals in a profession use to communicate with each other. Engineering, research, and development, or promotion, or members of the promotion section have sets. Jargon exists in just about every profession, independent of how much formal schooling is involved from law and medicine; to insurance, banking,…

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