Descriptive Essay: Eating At The Broadway Grill

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I work all over Oakland County and I eat in a lot of different cities. But I always find myself wanting to eat at the Broadway Grill in Lake Orion. This establishment is very clean, and the staff is warm and friendly from the moment I walk in the door. The price range is from $10-$15 for a lunch selection, and you always get your money's worth. Their salads have fresh tomatoes and don't just include the usual iceberg lettuce, but hearty leafy greens. They also give you a basket of Italian bread fresh out of the oven with something I haven't seen anywhere else--an olive oil plate with marinara sauce placed right in the middle.

While I have had a few of their entrees--burgers, pizza (which is excellent), and my personal favorite, chicken parmesan--today I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. When I got my order, while the meal was good, I didn't think the meatballs were anything special. They almost seemed a bit bland to me. They
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A cool thing about this restaurant is, no matter what time of day, or the amount of people there are, they always make you feel like you are valued customer. Another thing that I like is that they have a beautiful full bar, and have TVs in every corner with games on.

Now you might wonder what makes me a meatball expert. Well, I have had some of the best. My wife's 93-year-old Italian grandfather made us homemade meatballs that were off-the-charts fantastic. Even my wife whips up meatballs that smoke any restaurant, along with her mother and father. So, I have had authentic homemade cuisine from an Italian family, and now feel I have a benchmark to compare the rest.

As for the meatballs at the Broadway Grill, I give the spaghetti and meatball plate a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. The restaurant overall though, deserves an A+ rating for its service, menu selections, and comfortable

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