Descriptive Essay : Biological Father

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Biological father
The day that I found out that my dad wasn’t my biological father was compelling (interesting). (Simple) Some part of me always believed that my dad wasn’t my biological father but then another part of me wasn’t so sure. My dad may not be the smartest but he has the kindest heart. (Anaphora) My dad has always been there for me in a way even when he really wasn’t. When I was little I had never even liked the slightest thought of him. I didn’t like him and I didn’t want him in my life since he wasn’t ever substantially (physically) there with me. My dad has always tried his hardest to make me happy and somehow it just doesn’t work. He doesn’t really make me happy because I just feel like he should have been there for me when I was a little girl and he wasn’t. The most impenetrable (hardest) thing for me when I was little was my dad not being there for me. Kisses are the flowers of love in bloom. (Metaphor)
Monday. This week was going by very slow and I could stand it. I wanted it to be Friday already. At school I would just watch the clock ticking and ticking (Epizeuxis) all day long until the final bell finally rang. Once I got home I thought to myself “it’s going to be a really long night.” I picked up the house a little and then I got started on my homework. I kept thinking to myself “today has been weird enough and that nothing else weird needs to happen.” I didn’t really get much done on my homework because I had too much on my mind already. When my dad…

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