My Observation Of A Hill In San Diego California

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The one thing that is memorable to me as a child would be the hill that was behind of my apartment building in San Diego California. Before I discovered the hill, I would stay inside my room majority of the day watching cartoons on television or playing different types of board games like monopoly or connect four. I would also play on my mother computer, playing all types of game such as the Sims, the building of Sim City, and the bomber. I was not getting much outdoor activity. The hill was taller than my one-story apartment building and the hill was covered with tall grass that looked golden and brown, with some green sprinkle though out the hill. In the fall and winter time the smell of the grass would smell fresh cut grass and in the summer time the grass would smell like hay.

When I first saw the hill, it was a beautiful
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You could roll down the hill without the grass hurting so bad. Sometimes you could see a lot further. up and around the streets. Sometimes we would go on the hill when the sun was going down and you could see the colorful lights all the way down town San Diego. The hill was a good place to take other people to play. The hill was a place if you wanted to hide from other kids who you didn’t want to play with. Sometimes I could hide on the hill from my brother and he didn’t know where to find me. The hill was like my best friend. I could go there any time, I could feel safe and I could feel freedom of being powerful as well free.
The hill was good as well as bad, the good thing about the hill I always had somewhere to go to play. At that time, the hill was my sanctuary a place I could go just to have fun by myself or with the other neighborhood kids. Playing on the hill could also have gotten me into a lot of trouble. When doing things, I should not have done like throwing rocks off the hill. Also, I could have really hurt

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