The Story of Tom Brennan Essay

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“The experience of moving into the world can challenge individuals' beliefs and attitudes” Related text and one other”
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Individuals' beliefs and attitudes are the product of the world they live in, and consequently these beliefs and attitudes are challenged when one moves into a new or different world. Both The Story Of Tom Brennan (2005) by J.C. Burke and The Door (When) by Miroslav Holub explore this notion of change through the experiences encountered when moving into different worlds. The Story Of Tom Brennan explores the journey, growth and self discovery of the protagonist, Tom, following his brother's drunken car crash. Similarly, The Door demonstrates the benefits associated with exploring new worlds,
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In addition, The imaginary door acts as a dual metaphor in that it represents a boundary that restricts us, yet also a gateway of opportunity that drives us for growth and change.

Hardships can cause an individual move from one world to another, and challenge previously held opinions. One key symbol that supports this notion is the metaphor of the hill, which symbolises Tom's struggles and analogises his entry into the world.“Ascension hill”, which according to his Gran “led all the way to heaven” (pg112) is portrayed as an obstacle for growth and development. Initially, Tom is unable to climb the hill, but after arduous training, he successfully conquers it. This is a pivotal moment in the novel, and marks his initial entry into the world. Through acceptance, Tom was able to move from a child embittered by distress, to a man who is able to obtain the benefits from life experiences. From this move into the adult world, Tom realises that his new world can provide more opportunity for growth than his former. The notion that delving into life's opportunities can be advantageous is reflected in Holub's statement “If there's a fog it will clear”. The fog is a metaphor for struggles in life and connotes that the audience should disregard their current fears, as they are only a temporary barrier between the them and their goals in life. Holub encourages the audience to focus on the long term growth

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