Consequences Of Culture In Shane Koyczan's To This Day

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Culture is the foundation of which we build our lives. It impacts every single aspect of our society: our thoughts, perspectives, actions, and goals, all are impacted by the culture we are surrounded by. However, this cultural impact is not always positive; unless we are aware of our predispositions, those around us may suffer as a result of their consequences. Because its impact is so great, is it very easy to have our perspective of the world be in a negative, harmful light, even when we are not aware of it. Culture influences the way we see the world, which influences the way we change the world.

One’s perspective on the world is formed early in life; one’s upbringing and the culture surrounding it has huge consequences on actions
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The first example of this is likely also the most impacting one: bullying in school. In the poem To This Day, Shane Koyczan describes through imagery how “the school halls were a battleground”(Koyczan, to support the idea of how culture can negatively impact an individual 's life, especially as a child in school. He uses pathos and logos to justify his stand point about bullying with anecdotal evidence. The bullying he and his friend endured is shown, saying “kids used to say she looks like the wrong answer/that someone tried to erase/ but couldn’t quite get the job done” and “ can you hold your ground/ if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it”(Koyczan, Koyczan speaks about his own personal experiences about bullying and its consequences on the people he was close to, to show the devastating impact the seemingly meaningless hurtful words had. The quote “news of this silly little story quickly spread through the school/and I earned my first nickname/pork chop/to this day/I hate pork chops”(Koyczan, shows how, even in later years of life, the way a child was treated in school still affects them greatly. Society implements the idea words mean nothing, as a way of downplaying the huge physoclogical impact bullying has, with “that rhyme about sticks …show more content…
Throughout these three works, the negative American cultural perspectives and their horrible impacts are brought to light. Bullying, demeaning assumptions, and institutionalized racism impact so many more people than we should ever be comfortable with. However, if we as Americans are very self-conscious of the culture we build, especially around the next generation of society- builders, we can eliminate these negatives and replace them for positives. Change is a very real and very reachable goal, so it should be in our power to do everything we can to make it happen. Nothing will change if we do nothing; the distrust and generalization of Native Americans, as well as the increasingly horrible bullying is our schools, show this. We must see the world in a different light, so that we can improve it more than ever thought possible, and our culture, the culture that we all cause, plays a huge role in

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