Descriptive Essay About Prom Night

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Gavriel M. Cruz

Have you ever been in a one mythical promenade? There will never be as haunting as that night. It’s every high school teens’ dream to be on a prom and we surely made that day wonderful. Whatever we did, we made sure that it’ll make us happy. For one evening; we were teenagers that lived like were going to die tomorrow, and most of all; we enjoyed everything that we can never do again after we graduated. Everything about our prom is magical. That’s why my prom night was an unforgettable event because of its atmosphere and all of the memories.

The cold shadowy evening joined with the cheerful round yellow fairy lights created an enchanted scene for the rest of the night. The place was bursting with coral pink flowers paired
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So we did everything we can to make the night the finest. My friends and I were gleefully dancing at the center of the hall with twirling neon green lasers, blinking circular white lights and rainbow-colored Aztec-printed lasers; arms reaching high, fingers spread, head held up high and we moved symmetrically with the coolest and most played mixes. We were bare-footed, jumping with our arms thrown in the air, singing the lyrics unintentionally and pulling some irrational steps that doesn’t even exist. Its freezing and we were all sweaty after that crazy disco. After the DJ removed the party mixes, he dropped the passionate music that completes the atmosphere of the couples since the night was cold and shady. It was perfect scenery for them; the lights changed with fuchsia pink floral prints in the light swirling around the hall, the smoke was sprayed and the bubbles started to flew. Gentlemen started to walk and ask the ladies to dance with them. Couples swayed back and forth, side by side; embraced with each other. The lass steadily wrapped her arms around him with her right hand locked with the lad’s. The music began playing. They turned, dipped within the beats, they moved with every muscle of their bodies with affection. He twirled her around within the music and dance with her in many random beats. After the romantic tunes were slipped away in the ether, the grooving music played again and the beats gone like “boom boom bibap bibap”, the lights were changed into lasers that were neon blue that time and we sang proudly with the beats as we walked again to dance. And the rest of the night was a blast, after the ball; they all just slept snoring at full volume on the icy floor of our classroom. Then there’s me, smiling like an idiot because in that moment I knew; my high school was worth remembering

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