Descriptive Short Stories

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The world turned dark and my heavy eyes fell shut as my body drifted into a deep trance. From a distance, I saw myself climbing up a ladder which led to the redwood loft bed in my house in the hills. I watched as the younger me almost hit my head on the low hanging wooden ceiling beams and the next thing I knew I was crawling straight over pillows while dragging my box of zebra puzzle pieces. Making my way to the tiny window that looked out towards an empty field, a sea of trees began to arise. Sliding the 1’ wide, 9’’ tall glass to the left and excitedly shifting from a crawling position, I sat up as straight as possible, my young and youthful body slightly restricted by the low hanging ceiling. Quickly, opening the box and plunging into the 100 piece puzzle, I grabbed until my little hand couldn't hold on to any more pieces. Then scurried back to the …show more content…
Only 8 am and this warm? Today was definitely going to be a beach day. I slipped on my sandals and made my way to the car when a bump under my sandal sent me into a brief shock. Quickly lifting my foot to reveal what was underneath my sandal, I saw a puzzle piece, a black and white striped puzzle piece. Looking around to see if someone had been pranking me, I was surprised to see a trail of striped pieces crossing the empty grass field, leading to the woods. Slowly, I bent over and picked up the piece at my feet. Two, I uttered in my mind. I went on and followed the zebra puzzle trail, counting in my head while picking them up. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight and so on. I almost reached the edge of the forest when it hit me that there were only 3 more pieces left. 98, 99, 100. I stood up and observed my surroundings. Before me, hiding behind the trunk of a tall oak tree, was a girl. Suddenly, she scurried away. I lunged into the trees, striding deeper and deeper in attempts to find her, to find

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