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5 Senses Effects Food

Food is not a want it is a necessity. However, in today’s society we have evolved beyond eating to survive and progressed to eating for pleasure. We no longer limit ourselves to family meals at home. Instead the majority of the population tends to enjoy gathering family and friends and going out for a dining experience. When dining out, the food itself is not the only factor to determining whether or not the meal was pleasing. The atmosphere, the visual, the taste, and the smell have all become key components in deciding whether or not a mean out is enjoyable. With these things in mind, on a rain Saturday afternoon two of my friends accompanied me to the casual dining restaurant, Applebee’s. I was there for one
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It wouldn’t be Applebee’s if they went around revealing their recipes, similar to my grandmother. The scent gave me a feeling of comfort, regardless of the fact that I was eating out, I felt at home. Needless to say by the time my waitress approached the table, I was quite ready to order. My nose had projected my hunger to new heights. Once my food had arrived I was ready to commence my meal. I ordered a 12 oz sirloin steak cooked well done to perfection. The dark brown, nearly black strips running horizontally across the steak let me know my order was followed precisely. I doused it with A1 steak sauce and cut myself a small, rectangular piece. I chewed it slowly and felt the juices and steak sauce ooze into my mouth with every bite. It was so chewy and tenderly delicious that for a moment it was nearly forgotten that I had ordered an additional side dish. I took a sip of my Sierra Mist, which was losing it’s carbonation because it was beginning to taste watered down. My attention had now been turned to the steaming baked potato. The baked potato was searing to the point that I could view the heat emitting from it. Loaded with bulky sour cream and shredded yellow cheddar cheese, it was an eyeful. I sprinkled enough salt on it to make anyone with high cholesterol nervous. Greedily I plunged my fork into the potato and began mashing the contents together, the bulky sour cream, the shredded cheddar cheese, and

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