A Trip To Mexico Personal Narrative

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Memories Growing up and traveling to Mexico as a child I remember my mother always packing our old, outgrown clothes. She would pack pretty much everything we no longer used that was in fairly good condition. Jeans, shirts, dresses, shoes then she would go out and buy towels, jackets even, irons. I never really understood why we would take all these things with us.
“They sold them in stores didn 't they?" I thought as a 12 year old girl.
We would travel with 2 big suitcases each and we would return with half a suitcase, if that. My parents would say our family didn’t have much up there. I remember us arriving at my dad 's parent’s ranch after a two hour flight; Sleeping for maybe two to three hours and then sitting in a car for eight additional hours. Upon arrival I remember we of course got hugged, kissed and introduced to many of my father’s aunts who had walked from the many hills where they lived. I remember my grandfather walking to the tree, and screaming at it for all the mountains to hear that his family had come to visit.
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It was then that I realized that it is so much better to go visit family where they will do anything to spend time with you. They will give the little they have to make you happy and show you love. Than to spend time with people who are too interested in their material things to even get to know your name. Now that I am older I definitely spend time with both of my parent’s side of the family but I definitely feel like I get more out of visiting the ranch and learning from the humble attitude my father’s family has. I hope my family and my children can one day learn that it’s not about what you have but how you are willing to spend your time with family and leave memories that

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