Describe Your Qualifications For Participation Essay

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Describe your qualifications for participation in this program. Please include any example coursework that fostered your interest in research.
I am well qualified for participation in the program as I have expressed and held a strong interest in the sciences over my high school career, despite living in a rural area. I have been able to develop my skills in the sciences greatly because of this interest. Due to my strong desire to expand my knowledge in science and mathematics, I requested to take courses earlier, and was able to start freshman year by taking Chemistry and Algebra 2 instead of conventional ninth grade courses.
Additionally, I have pursued multiple opportunities to shadow medical professionals. Through this shadowing, I have been able to learn about potential careers I may pursue in the future. I have also volunteered numerous hours at the local hospital and at local nursing homes. I have been able to develop a strong interest in medicine because of these experiences.
In addition to my strong interest in the sciences, I rank first in my class and have displayed a great deal of dedication in my high school career. I show strong grit in everything I do by completing all tasks to the best of my ability and by ensuring no facet is left incomplete. I have exceptional leadership skills, as exhibited by my involvement in multiple organizations. As the president of the Student Government Association and the Future Business Leaders of America club at my school, I have…

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