Demographic Factors Research Essay

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Demographic Factors Research
University of Phoenix
Managing in a Cross-Cultural Environment
October 19, 2009

Organizations around the world are experiencing the effects of cultural and global diversity. Kellogg, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Arbor are four companies introduced in this paper. They have been researched in order to identify how each company is affected by demographic factors, how these factors are managed, and what systems are implemented to enhance the success of the business; thus, this paper illustrates the key course concepts and their application to the best practices of these companies. The dynamics and dimensions of diversity in an increasingly
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Similarly, Starbucks expanded the menu to include products to target non-coffee drinkers, with the introduction of blended or iced cold coffee drinks, frappuccino’s, lattes, mocha’s, and teas. Starbucks creatively integrated a diverse menu consisting of bold aromas to creamy sweet flavors, attracting a range of customers to Starbucks at various times and for various reasons. Starbucks’ intention to satisfy the demographic factors has prompted management to add items on the menu for anyone willing to try; among them, Professionals heading to an early morning meeting needing a “stout” cup of coffee, housewives stopping for a late morning latte with friends after dropping the children at school and the high school and college students in search of Wi-Fi connection and snack (Kembell, 2002). Another company that has continued to strive for cultural adaptability in a diverse global environment is McDonald’s. This company is an organization that can be found in every country, servicing nearly 47 million customers around the world. Because of McDonald’s unique demographic factors, managers are trained through a comprehensive Management Development Program. This program encompasses McDonald’s core values and principles along with the dedication to serve customers, the community, and employees (McDonald’s, 2009). One of the demographic factors affecting McDonald’s management

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