Demo Speech on Wrapping a Gift Essay

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Sarah Del Rio
Speech 100 Demonstrative Speech

General Purpose: To demonstrate
Specific Purpose: To demonstrate to my audience how to wrap a present.
Central Idea: To demonstrate to my audience how to make wrap a present by first discussing how to choose the appropriate gift wrapping paper for your event, second, by talking about the supplies that will be needed, third, I will explain step by step how to wrap the present, finally, I will tell you about the finishing touches you can add to your gift.

INTRODUCTION: I. Hello my name is Sarah Del Rio and today I will be demonstrating for you how to wrap a present. I have selected this topic to show you today because it is something simple thing that everyone will need use at
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II. The second step is to gather the materials. A. There are several supplies that are essential to gift-wrapping. 1. The first is the present 2. The second is the wrapping paper. 3. The third is tape. 4. The fourth item is scissors. 5. The fifth is a card 6. The sixth item is optional; you can add a bow or ribbon 7. You will also need a flat surface.
Transition: Now that we’ve collected all the supplies I’ll explain the instructions step-by-step. III. Here are the steps to neatly wrapping a gift. A. Once you have the flat surface, unravel the paper and place your gift on top on the paper. B. Center the gift.
1. Make sure there’s enough paper on both sides to get it around the entire gift.
C. Now the actual wrapping begins. 1. Cut the paper 2. Cover the first side, then tape it down
3. Cover the second, fold the edge of the paper, and then tape it down
4. Turn the present so the side is facing you, fold the bottom half of the side, and tape it.
5. Fold top half of the side, then tape it.
6. Repeat steps numbers 4 and 5 on the opposite side
Transition: And as easy as that your present is wrapped, but of course it’s not ready without the finishing touches.
IV. The finishing touches are a card and a bow or ribbon.
A. Can’t forget the card, or the person receiving it may not know whom it’s from.
B. Of course this last one is optional, you can add a bow, or wrap a ribbon around it to make

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