Essay about Definition And Definition Of Art

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Before discussing whether other cultures have a concept, or ‘our concept’ of art, it is necessary to first describe what it means to say that another culture has a concept of art. I broadly agree with Blocker’s view that for objects of other cultures to be correctly described in our language, There needs to be a degree of synonymity between the term they use, and the term we use for the same phenomena. The test Blocker sets out is:
To apply a concept P correctly to object X from group A to group B, it must be the case that:
X is correctly classified as P by A
X is correctly classified as Q by B
P and Q are synonymous
This definition is a useful starting point for a framework of cross-cultural comparison of concepts. However, I would contend that synonymity is not required between term P and Q, and in fact, in some cases, term Q could be used to describe what would look like quite a different set of phenomena to P. In order to display what level and kind of similarity is necessary, I would bring forward four hypothetical tribes. Each tribe speaks of a being(s) with peculiar powers and traits. While we know that each tribe has a concept of magic and spirits, it is not certain that they have a concept of a deity or god(s). Tribe one refers to a being as ‘A’. A is a non human entity possessing power over the forest in which the tribe lives. In particular, A is responsible for replacing and replenishing the food which has been gathered and hunted by the tribe. Every week the…

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