Essay on Defending Banning Of Assault Weapons

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Defending Banning of Assault Weapons
Gun rights and gun control activism have been dominating the United States politics for centuries. One of the main areas of the activism lies on whether to ban the use of assault weapons. Gun control activists have been lobbying policy makers to formulate policies aimed at preventing the use of assault weapons. Assault weapons should be banned in the United States due to the negative impacts that emanate from their use.
The existence of loopholes in gun laws is one of the main reasons why assault weapons should be banned. When framers of gun laws used the term “arms” over a century ago, they did not conceptualize the possible improvements in gun technology. Back then there were less harmful weapons that were ideal for serving private security needs. They had no idea of the modern assault weapons that have been in the recent past used to massacre crowds within seconds. The improvement in gun technology continues to challenge the existing laws since gun manufacturers are coming up with new qualities not featuring in the existing laws. The new features enhance gun capacities thus challenging the existing laws regarding the protection of citizens from the misuse of weapons. Laws differ regarding the definition of assault weapons making it difficult to distinguish assault from non-assault weapons. Most laws define an assault weapon as a semi-automatic gun that has a pistol grip and a detachable magazine (Tartaro 619-621). Legalizing this type…

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