Essay about Day Worship Services At Rivers Chapel Baptist Church

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This paper contains two commentaries on our Sunday Morning Worship Services at Rivers Chapel United Methodist Church. The first commentary dealt with the “Word and Table Service” (January 3, 2016). The second commentary deals with January 10, 2016 service on Baptism. The January 3, 2016 Worship Service Program follows the 2016 (Year C) Lectionary Calendar found on the internet. The program not only gave the order of service, it also provided information concerning what period of the Christian year we were worshipping in. On the program, we introduced the season of Epiphany which is the period of the visit of the Magi and the baptism of the Lord. The table is covered in white and prepared with the Holy Communion. The first Sunday program is formal. The congregation is instructed to stand by the Asterisk. The worship service starts with the congregation being led by the musician in singing, “Your Grace and Mercy”. The pastor comes in and lights the candles inviting the Holy Spirit in through prayer. The Pulpit conductor comes forward to greet and lead the formal opening with prayer. The service opening is concluded with the song “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”. The New Testament Scripture and Psaltery were read and the congregation was directed to sit. A designated lay speaker led the congregation through “Concerns and Prayer”. This is when members can openly request prayer or witness to God’s blessing on their lives while soft music is being played and prayer…

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